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Target 7/17/11



I haven’t been shopping at Target to much lately, since I am off work for the summer it is really not convenient for me to go there, but today I had the morning to myself and thought I would head over there!!

  • (4) Sharpie Highlighters $0.50 ea.
  • (4) Bic Pens $0.50 ea.
    • $1/2 Printable and a $1/2 Target Printable (no more prints)

Before sales and coupons: $7.20

Total OOP: $0.14 (I only paid tax!!!) or 98% savings – I would say 100% but you have to pay tax so I always include that in my totals!


FREE Purex Complete Crystals @ Target



Has anyone had the chance to try these yet? I haven’t every time I go into Target they are sold out!! But if you can get lucky and yours has some then take advantage of this deal!!

Purex Complete Crystals @ $2.99

  • -$1 off Purex Crystals store coupon
  • -$2 off Purex Crystals RP 3/13

Use both coupons makes it FREE!! Let me know if you are able to pick this up and how you like it J


The Target Saga Continues…..


I called customer “no” service this morning and after being transfered to several different people, I finally got “the one” who was going to help me. After continually asking for the receipt #, mind you I had already told him several times that I didn’t get a recipet because the computer crashed. He says well you will have to fill a dipute claim with your bank there is nothing we are willing to do??? Really Really?? This is MY fault because you have an crazy lady for a cashier, don’t you screen these people better. So I call my bank and they tell me they will be happy to start the process once the transaction clears, so now I have to wait till at least tomorrow cause nothing clears on mondays.  I have a charge for $46.65 hanging out in my checking account not to metion the other $46.65 for the stuff I bought. So $93.33 waiting in my bank?? I love it. 😡   This really might stop me from ever going back to Target!! And that is was my favorite store.

Horrible Experiance @ Target


I was so excited to see in today’s newspaper $5 GC wyb scrubbing bubbles or pledge products

So my goal was to pick up what was needed to get both gift cards plus 2 bags of dog food which also qualified for a $5 GC so I should have been getting $15 in GC

The cashier was an awful woman who was mad at the world. One of my man q’s had kroger wrote on it she tossed it back at me and said we DON’T accept these I tried to point out it was a man q not a kroger store q she said We can not take it, I said ok and went to place in my coupon holder. She called the manager over and asked about the coupon he said yes they could take it. Then my FREE scrubbing bubbles toilet starter kit wyb toilet gels wouldn’t ring up. By this time I was so embarrassed with a long line of angry customers lining up behind me. I get through it get my gift cards go to pay everything works until it is time to print the receipt…..register crashes. They have to re-ring EVERYTHING along with the coupons a second time only the first time it had charged us……so then we spent 30 minutes at customer service for the manager on duty to tell us that it shows on their system as incomplete and we will just have to wait to see if it goes through so right now I have an EXTRA $46.65 charge from target. Needless to say it might be awhile before I go back!!  😦

$6.53 spent at Target and Walmart on $40.16 of products


So the first picture is from Target

  • 2 rolls of bounty paper towels (used 2 $1.00 off Bounty Towels from P&G Coupon Book)
  • Clean and clear facial cleaner ($2.00 off printable)
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean power sprayer (like I don’t have enough of this but hey free is free) ($5.00 off 6/13 SS and a $3.00 off target printable)

Total before sales and coupons: $13.96 

Total OOP: $2.73 or 80% saved

The 2nd picture is from Walmart

  • 2 Choco Tacos (which we ate on the way home)
  • Red Barron Pizza Slices (used a $2.00 printable and will submit for a rebate out of the 4/25 SS)
  • Nivea for Men Cool Body wash (used $3.00 off 5/2 RP)
  • Pampers Wipes ($2.00 6/6 P&G)
  • STP gas treatment ($2.00 printable)
  • 4 Benadryl Itch Sticks (used 2 $2/5 Benadryl 4/11 RP)
  • 4 Reach Dental Floss (used 4 $1.00 Reach Floss 5/16 RP)
  • Dentyne Gum ($1.00 off 6/13 SS)

Total  before sales and coupons: $26.20

Total OOP: $3.80 or 84% saved