Horrible Experiance @ Target


I was so excited to see in today’s newspaper $5 GC wyb scrubbing bubbles or pledge products

So my goal was to pick up what was needed to get both gift cards plus 2 bags of dog food which also qualified for a $5 GC so I should have been getting $15 in GC

The cashier was an awful woman who was mad at the world. One of my man q’s had kroger wrote on it she tossed it back at me and said we DON’T accept these I tried to point out it was a man q not a kroger store q she said We can not take it, I said ok and went to place in my coupon holder. She called the manager over and asked about the coupon he said yes they could take it. Then my FREE scrubbing bubbles toilet starter kit wyb toilet gels wouldn’t ring up. By this time I was so embarrassed with a long line of angry customers lining up behind me. I get through it get my gift cards go to pay everything works until it is time to print the receipt…..register crashes. They have to re-ring EVERYTHING along with the coupons a second time only the first time it had charged us……so then we spent 30 minutes at customer service for the manager on duty to tell us that it shows on their system as incomplete and we will just have to wait to see if it goes through so right now I have an EXTRA $46.65 charge from target. Needless to say it might be awhile before I go back!!  😦


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  1. I also had a horrible experience at Target! I had 20 $1.00 coupons for any Tide, so I went to Target to redeem them. Mind you I had a whole shopping cart full of stuff, but the Tide was a real issue. I have done this many, many times with no problem. But this trip the clerk could not wrap her head around how to redeem the coupon. The product was $.97. So, being as helpful as I could, I told her all she had to do was override the coupon value. Most clerks just run them through at $1, but she was not going to be pleasant about this. She called customer service over, who told her how to do it, then looks at my cart. She asked if I left any product on the shelf? Of course there was some, and there were other brands, and other sizes of the same product as well. But, they decided they couldn’t sell me all of what was in my cart. I rarely get angry, but I was that day. Who would have guessed that Target would not sell me all I wanted to buy? By the time they were donefiguring out what to do with me, there were 3 managers and the clerk, and a very embarrased and angry customer. Now, the issue wasn’t the coupons, it was how much I was allowed to purchase. I was told that the store reserves the right to limit purchases.

    I looked everywhere in the store, and found nothing posted to that effect. I looked on line at their policies, and didn’t find it posted there either. So, I wrote a customer complaint letter. All I wanted from them was to say the store was wrong. But, they got their panties in a wad, and couldn’t get past the coupons, which weren’t the problem, it was the quantity. They did contact me once, which wasn’t nice, and did not reply when I asked them if it was worth losing a customer, who spends hundreds and hundreds of dollars there, over this. They didn’t care enough to respond.

    It just goes to show, the best way to handle this coupon business (which is exactly how I feel about it), is to build relationships with certain clerks, and make a point to visit their checkstands whenever possible. Had I been at the register with a clerk who is familiar with me, there wouldn’t have been any problem.

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