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Today’s FREE Sample


Head over to get a sample of Rachel Ray dog food or a coupon for $$ off your next purchase, keep in mind the website is running very slow!!


Have you ever tried this dog food before??



Hey guess what????


There was a knock on the door today… was a package!! I opened it up to find out I was chosen to do a product test and then in 3 weeks I will do a survey. I can’t tell you what the product is because it is not even on the market yet!!

Product testing is one of the things I have enjoyed most since I have become a blogger!!

You can check out some websites that I get some of my test products and cash for doing surveys

Pinecone Research (about 4 a month they pay $3 each)

My Survey (about 4 a day can be overwhelming)


Nutella Sampling


I was so excited to find out I was chosen from Mom central to be part of the Nutella Sampling! It is so much fun when you fill out surveys and then a couple of weeks later find out that you won!! I know my teenage daughter will be so excited because, she loves Nutella!!

Do you have any yummy recipes that you make with Nutella…..share them below!!

Have you been a part of any surveys where you got to sample stuff? We have sampled dish soap, pizza, 2 kinds of cereal, frying pans and even more than that! Anytime you can get something for free it is a good day!