The Target Saga Continues…..


I called customer “no” service this morning and after being transfered to several different people, I finally got “the one” who was going to help me. After continually asking for the receipt #, mind you I had already told him several times that I didn’t get a recipet because the computer crashed. He says well you will have to fill a dipute claim with your bank there is nothing we are willing to do??? Really Really?? This is MY fault because you have an crazy lady for a cashier, don’t you screen these people better. So I call my bank and they tell me they will be happy to start the process once the transaction clears, so now I have to wait till at least tomorrow cause nothing clears on mondays.  I have a charge for $46.65 hanging out in my checking account not to metion the other $46.65 for the stuff I bought. So $93.33 waiting in my bank?? I love it. 😡   This really might stop me from ever going back to Target!! And that is was my favorite store.


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