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What was in the mail today???



So what did I get in today mail??

  • FREE sample of Cheetos Zingers + $1 off coupon
  • eb5 Face cream sample
  • My Rite Aid SCR for $69.67 (yeah!! to the Disney Fund) 

I have gotten $89.63 in rebates this week!! I love rebates ❤

What was in your mail today??


What was in the mail today??


So what was in the mail today???

  • Tena Underwear sample + coupon
  • Mega Red sample from walmart
  • 20% off sale event from CVS
  • Glade candle with tin and coupon

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this lately, mail has been kinda BORING!! Today was a good day maybe it will tide me over till Monday……..

What was in your mail??

What was in the Mail Today??


What was in my mail today???

  • MY PIE BOOK!!! The one I won in a giveaway on another blog (that is why you should always sign up for giveaways)

I don’t even know if anything else came….I was to mesmerized by the yumminess of the delicious pies………I am so drooling!!

I can’t even show you a picture they are that good-looking!!

What was in the Mail Today??


Today was a GREAT mail day which is great cause I haven’t gotten anything worth blogging about the last couple of days!!

  • $5.99 back from Schick Hydro Try Me Offer
  • $3.00 From Pinecone Research
  • $3.00 from Schwans Consumer Brands, for the rebate on Red Barron Pizza by the Slice 
  • Coupon for a FREE bag of Dog food from Natura Advantage
  • Sample of Dove Hair care and a $1.00 off coupon
  • I didn’t get a bill~~my hubby did J

What was in your mail today? I have to say I wish I could go to the mail every day and have $11.99 in checks waiting me 😉