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My Cooking day is here!!



So we ended last night making the multi-use Spaghetti sauce and boiling the chicken so it would be ready to chop this morning. I also prepped the veggies that needed chopping. I have a sink full of warm soapy water so I can clean as I go.

  • Cook siti according to package directions. It’s better to under cook rather than overcook, the pasta. The ziti should still be slighlty firm or it will turn to mush afterfreezing, thawing and reheating
  • Perpare backed Ziti according to directions in recipe
  • Cook Barley ( Iam using oatmeal instead) for Mexi Chicken
  • Prepare Lazy Lasgana according to directions in the recipe
  • Bag, label and freeze leftover spaghetti sauce for use in meatball sanwiches and to serve over pasta
  • Prepare beef mixture for meatloaf nad meatballs according to directions in the recipes
  • Divide mixture in half
  • Use half of the mixture to form 1in round meatballs
  • Use the remaining meat to form  two loaves for meatloaves and six oval meat patties for salisbury steak
  • Bake meatloaves nad cook salisbury steak patties according to directions in the recipe
  • Cut chicken meat into bite size pieces
  • steam broccoli until just tender
  • While broccoli is steaming, prepare the mexi-chicken according to directions in recipe
  • Prepare Chicken Broccoli according to directions in the recipe
  • Cut ham into bite sized pieces
  • Prepare broccoli ham back according to directions in the recipe
  • Prepare scalloped potatoes and ham according to directions in the recipe
  • Bring chicken stock to a boil
  • Prepare mix and match soup with the chicken stock, adding any leftover veggies,meats, grains or pasta/ If you need more liquid use 1 chicken bouillon cube per 1 1/2 cups added water
  • Let the soup cook while you are cleaning the kitchen
  • Allow soup to cook. Pour the soup into labeled and double bagged freezer bags and freeze

Take the rest of the day OFF!!!!

If you would like any of the recipes or would like to join a Once a month Cooking Club let me know!!

Now I just got to wash my hands……….

Advertisements helps with your Budget



While trying to save money to get to Disney in Novemember. I got some back news the “extra” job I had at work will be ending in August so my last “extra” paycheck will be July. This will cut BIG time into my savings. I consider myself lucky I still have a job and I got 2 1/2 months notice. So I starting a strict budget and freezer cooking to save money. I will have a weekly disscusion on recipes and budget ideas. To help me get started I went to to set up a free budget software to help me know where I am spending to much and where I can cut back. I have tried budgets before and ALWAYS failed but this time has to be different. So here goes nothing and hoping I make it to Disney!!




New topic coming…



Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE to cook (when I am in the mood which in rare in most cases) and HATE to clean (at any point in time). So my sweet sweet hubby bought me a book called Frozen Assets: Cook for a day and eat for a month. So I am going to try to accomblish this task!!

I am going to pick some of the recipes out of the book and share them with you, I am also going to try to only shop once a month (but I doubt that is even possible) for food maybe just going to the store for fresh veggies and non food items.   If you are interested in joining me on my journey let me know!! Happy Cooking everyone!