Extreme Couponing: Coupon Crack Down







So in light of the all the extreme couponing going on and the TV show that made couponers look like a bunch of loonies, stores are changing their policies.(I found this article on Wall Street Online and just had to share it) Which most would say is a bad thing.

I on the other hand think it is great!! I hate going to a store 3 hours after it opened to find they were sold out of something (happened this morning) So some stores are now limiting the amount you can buy to 4, how great is that!! Might mean things that I really want to stock up on like laundry detergent this week at Kroger for $1.25 I will just have to make more trips which is ok if the deal is good, it is on my way to and from work! What do you think about the changes are you for or against?


On a side note:

I do believe in having a stock pile, totally for it I try to buy between 4 and 8 of everything I buy since there are 6 in my household. However I do not believe you should have more rolls of toilet paper than you could use in 3 lifetimes. Food goes quickly in this house (especially since I have 2 teenagers and one that wishes he was) Health and Beauty Items what we don’t use by Christmas goes in goodie bags for our family and then the rest to a women’s and children’s shelter. Then in January the fun starts all over again!


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