Sneak Preview of Publix Ad 7/13-7/19 or 7/14-7/20 (for some)



Head over to I heart Publix and see her sneak peek!! She is great and has this up on Monday before the sale!!

I can already tell you I am getting

  • (6) Chef Boyardee ($0.41 ea.)
  • (8) Hershey Syrup – This is not all for us I am sharing the wealth on this one! ($0.60 ea.)
  • (4) Chex Mix ($0.30 ea.)
  • (2) 2000 Flushes ($0.75 ea.)
  • (4) Colgate Toothpaste ($0.35 ea.)
  • (5) Noxzema Razors ($0.50 ea.)

Plus even more that I don’t have planned yet!!

Let me know what you are picking up and if you need coupons like I did check out Crystal over at (this is a great way to get coupons that might not have been in your local inserts)

I ordered Monday morning and by Monday afternoon they were shipped!!!


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