Menu Plan Monday


With 3 kids (14, 13, 10) a husband, 3 dogs and my mother who lives downstairs it is never a dull moment at the Miller house! I am trying my best to teach my kids the true art of couponing! Which is a task in itself? I want them to understand how if we spend less on what we HAVE to have them we can spend more on what we WANT to have.

So this week I am sitting down with them and talk about full price, sale price and sale price + coupon. I want to show them what can be saved with being frugal and as a family we are going to be debt free, our goal …….. 5 years! In that time I would like to have no debt other than the house payment. I know we can do this!!

To get everything in order our first goal…..Menu Plan Monday!! Where I will make a menu plan using what is on sale and what I have in my stockpile. So begin my journey with me as we start this new blog series!!


  • Fried Chicken
    • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.98 lb. @ Ingles
    • Audrey’s Chicken Breading $0.24 last week @ Ingles
  • Kraft Home-style Mac and Cheese $0.32 from my stockpile


  • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (noodles and sauce FREE from stockpile) Meat $1.84 @ Ingles last week stocked up and froze some


  • Chicken and Rice (Chicken $1.98 lb. @ Ingles, Rice FREE @ Publix and cream of chicken soup $0.43)
    • Frozen Broccoli $0.20 @ Publix


  • BBQ Meatloaf (Meat $1.84 lb. @ Ingles last week, onions FREE from a friend, BBQ sauce $0.24 @ Ingles last week
  • Idahoan Mashed Potatoes $0.10 from Publix in my stockpile


  • Palmero’s Pizza $2.34 @ Ingles this week

So for 5 days’ worth of dinner I spent a little over $20!! I am very excited about making a plan and sticking to it!! What are your plans for dinner??

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