It’s Raining Toothbrushes!!




I was so excited this was my first “pre-order” and everything went so smooth J

  • (20) Reach Toothbrushes $0.05 ea

Total before sales and coupons: $61.10

Total OOP: $2.30 of which $1.30 was tax

This was fun….I can’t wait to pre order more stuff!!

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  1. who needs that many toothbrushes, seems like overkill to me and getting just for the sake of getting, couponers shouldnt go too crazy and just get enough for what is truly needed, this is a prime example of coupon abuse and plain greed.

    • Wow!! Thank you so much for that great compliment……so you know I donate items like these to friends and family. I do not keep 20 toothbrushes for myself (but just at my house there are 6 of us so we go thru 18 a year)
      If I can help another person then why shouldn’t I.
      I had my own order thru Kroger so I didn’t clear any shelves, it is not greed. Couponing has made it possible for me to help people where used to I couldn’t have helped them. I am sorry you are unable to see that

      • We should not judge others, only the Lord should judge. I think its great that you give to others. Keep up the good work.

  2. I think your donations are very admirable. I do the same thing!!! I keep stock of anything and everything my family needs and donate everything else I can get for free or under $1. I teach coupon classes at my home and teach the importance of not being a shelf clearer. Everyone knows when they come to my home to visit that if they forget razors, toothbrushs, girl products, and many other things that they wont have to pay premium amounts for them on vacation since I keep a drawer in my boys bathroom stocked for such occasions. I get flack for my “hoarding” pictures and people who dont understand just how much I donate. My church gets about 2-4 big bags/boxes of stuff a month for MUST ministries because of my “hoarding.” and I THINK that is something to feel very good about. Thank you for being an awesome person and using your couponing talents for the good of others =-)

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