Family Friday


I am so happy that September is FINALLY here!! This was a HOT HOT HOT summer especially when the air went out! Georgia is known for the ability to have 4 seasons a year as well as 4 in a week!! So with Fall just around the corner. We are planning our weekends with Fall Festivals. I love going to these~the smells and tastes~ our favorite is an Apple Orchard in Elijay. They have the best Apple Cider Doughnuts and homemade caramel sauce…..YUMMY!

This weekend is my neice’s 8th birthday and I have a big surprise for my Mother-in-law (I can’t say it on here cause she reads my blog). This time of year makes me want to help people more than normal, the holidays are coming up and this is when alot of people can have issues!! This year for Christmas I will be taking my kids to the store handing them $25 and telling them to pick out presents to donate to our Local Shelter. I want them to see that giving can be more rewarding than receiving. 

Do any of you have any great plans?

How about wonderful Festival in your area you would like to share with others??


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