Grocery Shopping Diet Week #6



My goal is to be at a $60 OOP (budget from paycheck) each week for what I buy in food. This Diet is to show you the creative ways that I keep to that goal. I am starting fresh this week with $60, if I spend less, then it rolls over to next week…..but if I spend more it takes away from next week. I am really good about couponing but it is time to really put the rubber to the road. I visit several great blog you can check them out on my blogroll, they always have such great trips and very little OOP (out-of-pocket) and sometimes I have great trips but sometimes they are not so well planned. So I am putting myself on a Grocery Diet!! So are you up for the challenge?? This is a 17 week challenge, this will be a weekly post where I will tell you how good or how bad I did. All you have to do to be in the GIVEAWAY is comment on at least half of the Grocery Shopping Diet posts. I will post them on Saturdays or Sundays (the diet week runs Saturday to Friday), just make sure you comment. The prize a $25 Gift Card to a grocery store of your choice, what would you choose Publix is by far my favorite store for deals. I am not including Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens in this Diet as I have a separate budget for them. So are you ready????

 So I had $1.91 from last week to spend giving me $61.91 for this week. 


  • (6) Campbell’s Select Harvest Soups $0.20 ea
  • (4) Lipton Tea Bags $0.78 ea
  • (2) Margaritaville Shrimp $2.99 ea (yummy dinner tonight)
  • (1) Pert Plus $0.99 (donation item)
  • (1) Sure Deodorant $0.39 (donation item)

Before sales and Coupons: $47.91

Total OOP: $12.61 or 74% savings


  • (3) Purex Detergents $0.64 ea
  • (2) Dawn Hand Renewal $0.03 ea (donation Item)
  • (1) 8pk Bounty Basic $0.00
  • (1) Double Pack Newspaper $3.00 (not pictured) 

Total Before sales and Coupons: $33.84

Total OOP: $7.43 or 78% savings

Rite Aid

  • (4) Gain Dish Liquid $0.44 profit
  • (1) Downy $4.99 + $1 up reward
  • (4) Purex Complete $2.99 ea + $1 SCR
  • (1) Oral B Toothbrush $1.94 + $1 SCR

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $53.00

Total OOP: $15.24, $1 +up reward and $2, or 71% savings


  • 6.27 lb of Ground Beef $1.88 lb
  • 2.96 lb of Chicken $1.88 lb
  • (2) Loaves of Bread $0.98 ea
  • (4) Carolina Pride Turkey Slices $1.49 ea
  • (1) Ziploc vacuum Bags $2.88
  • (1) LL Sandwich bags $1.54

Total before Sales and Coupons: $52.11

Total OOP: $30.75 or 41% savings

 Total for this week $66.03 or 65% savings. I spent over my $61.91 by $4.12. So I have $55.88 to spend next week!


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  1. Well I blew it, went to Pets Mart and Sam’s today for doggie and cat stuff. Only good thing I won’t have to go again for 6 – 8 weeks.

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