Grocery Shopping Diet & Giveaway Weekly Update!!


My goal is to be at a $60 OOP (budget from paycheck) each week for what I buy in food. This Diet is to show you the creative ways that I keep to that goal. I am starting fresh this week with $60, if I spend less, then it rolls over to next week…..but if I spend more it takes away from next week. I am really good about couponing but it is time to really put the rubber to the road. I visit several great blog you can check them out on my blogroll, they always have such great trips and very little OOP (out-of-pocket) and sometimes I have great trips but sometimes they are not so well planned. So I am putting myself on a Grocery Diet!! So are you up for the challenge?? This is a 17 week challenge, this will be a weekly post where I will tell you how good or how bad I did. All you have to do to be in the GIVEAWAY is comment on at least half of the Grocery Shopping Diet posts. I will post them on Saturdays or Sundays (the diet week runs Saturday to Friday), just make sure you comment. The prize a $25 Gift Card to a grocery store of your choice, what would you choose Publix is by far my favorite store for deals. I am not including Rite Aid, CVS, or Walgreens in this Diet as I have a separate budget for them. So are you ready????

I had $16.00 rolled over from last week so I have $76.00 to spend!




  • (1) $1.00 Donation to Lou Gehrig disease
  • (1) 18 eggs $1.38
  • (2) Gallons of Kroger 2% Milk $1.98 ea
  • (6) Betty Crocker Fruit Snack $0.83 ea + I got a Catalina for $3.00 off my next order
  • (3) Nature Valley Granola Bars $0.33 ea
  • (2) Betty Crocker Potatoes $0.39 ea
  • (9) Powerade 32oz $0.49 ea
  • (2) Dial Liquid Hand Soap $0.30 ea
  • (3) Hamburger Helpers $0.39 ea
  • (3) Sunny D’s $0.45 ea
  • (3) Uncle Matt’s Oragnic Single Serve OJ $0.49ea
  • (1) Annie’s Organic Salad Dressing $0.74
  • (1) Double AJC $3.00
  • (4) Quaker Rice Cakes $0.49 ea
  • (5) Fiber One Chewy Bars $0.79 ea
  • (4) Yoplait Greek Yogurt $0.40 ea
  • (4) Hunt’s Pudding Snack Packs $0.65 ea
  • (2) Old El Paso Taco Shells $0.69 ea
  • (1) Kroger Bread $1.00
  • (10) SoBe Zero Water -$1.06 (I made a profit on these)

So Before Sales and Coupons: $123.48

Total OOP: $41.08 or 67% savings ( I have to say I was very pleased with everything I got at Kroger today)


I didn’t take a picture but here is what I picked up

  • (3) Carolina Pride lunch meat $1.49 ea
  • 2.85 lbs of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $5.65
  • 2.92 lbs of Ground Beef $5.20

Total Before Sales and Coupons: $30.52

Total OOP: $15.78 or 48% savings, always good when no coupons are used!!


So this by far was not my best trip to Publix but, we should be set on lunch stuff for the next couple of weeks!!

  • (2) Kebbler Club Crackers $1.49 ea
  • (1) Kebbler Fruit Snacks $1.99
  • (2) Eggo Waffles $1.50 ea
  • (2) Daisy Sour Cream $0.99 ea
  • (1) Organic Powered Sugar $3.15 ea
  • (2) Bags of Tyson Chicken Nuggets $2.30 ea
  • (2) Del Monte Fruit Cups $1.38 ea
  • (10) Packs of Kool-Aid $0.00
  • (2) Aunt Jemima Pancakes $1.35 ea
  • (1) Honest Kids Fruit Juices $1.00 ea
  • (1) 5 lb Dominos Sugar $3.49 ea
  • (2) Quaker Chewy Bars $1.12 ea
  • (3) Idahoan Potato Packs $0.38 ea
  • (1) 36ct Frito Lay Variety Pack $8.99

Total before sales and Coupons: $74.60

Total OOP: $34.93 or 53% savings. I try to stay positive and know that not every trip can be 80% 🙂

Ok so I went over budget by $15.79 :(, so next week I only have $44.21 to spend. I am sure I can do it though!!!

Let me know how you did, I can’t wait to see who wins the $25 Gift Card


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