Green Genius Review PLUS GIVEAWAY!!!



I was so excited when Green Genius offered to sponsor a giveaway for us ( I am so excited because this is my 1st Product Review and Giveaway! ) I love Green Genius Trash Bags (I haven’t gotten to try the Food Bags yet) I am trying as a mother to be more conscious about not only what I am feeding my kids but what I am using in their lives, I realized small changes not only affect us but the world around us.   

Green Genius bags are “ridiculously Strong” as their slogan says. I was very leery that a biodegradable trash bag would hold up to my family’s mess! I was amazed at how the bag held up dump after dump after dump and even after the “I am to lazy to take the bag out of the can smoosh to get it to go down” ( You all know what I am talking about ). They are just an all around awesome product!! We stuffed this bag and it didn’t rip or tear. My kids thought the little man on the bag was cute! They were as excited to try this out as I was. I want my children to understand why becoming a “greener” family is so important!!   

Green Genius bags biodegrade in 1-15 years and to some people this might seem like a long time but given the evidence that your standard household trash bag does not break down AT ALL then it is really only a short time!! They are priced about the same as your standard variety only about $0.05 more per bag. I however am willing to pay the extra to make sure my kids have a place to live and my grandkids have more than a garbage heap to play in. You can purchase Green Genius bags several different stores and even online @ Amazon & You can even fill out a request to have them stocked at your store!! I would suggest browsing around their website and read all the information and check out the cute videos!!   

( I only received a FREE sample of a Green Genius Trash Bag, I was in no other way compensated for my opinions they are my own)    


The Tall Kitchen Bags:    

  • Designed for everyday use.
  • 3-ply strength handles any wet or dry garbage.   
  • 13 gallon size fits typical kitchen canisters.
  • Available in 22 and 45 counts.


Outdoor Trash Bags    

  • Designed for those bigger jobs.
  • Extra thick to be even more ridiculously strong.
  • 30 gallon size for larger trash canisters.
  • Available in 15 and 28 counts.




Snack & Sandwich Bags    

  •   Two Varieties: 50ct Sandwich Bags and 50ct Snack Bags

    Freezer Double Zip and Slider     

    • Double Zip Varieties: 20ct Quart size and 15ct Gallon size
    • Slider Varieties: 15ct Quart size and 10ct Gallon size
    • World-class double zippers block out air to keep your food fresh.
    • Super slider technology locks in freshness and fights freezer burn.
    • FDA approved for food contact.

    Storage Double Zip and Slider     

  • Double Zip Varieties: 25ct Quart size and 20ct Gallon size
  • Slider Varieties: 20ct Quart size and 15ct Gallon size
  • World-class double zippers seal tight every time.
  • Patented slider technology makes it simple to lock in freshness.
  • FDA approved for food contact.

    This Giveaway will have 2 winners, 1 Winner will receive a box of Green Genius Tall Kitchen Trash Bags and 1 Winner will receive a box of Green Genius Double Zip Quart Sized Freezer Bags!      

    To Enter This Giveaway:
    1. Share a way you are trying to be “greener” at home.
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    When leaving a comment, please leave some way for me to contact you if you are the winner. I suggest typing your email address out. For example: mill3464 (at) gmail (dot) com.
    This giveaway is open to anyone in the United States and will be open until Friday, August 20th at 11:00 PM EST. Two winners will be chosen by a random number generator. The winners will be announced on my site, and emailed, if an email is provided. Winners have 72 hours to claim their prize or a new winner(s) will be chosen. Prizes will be shipped from the manufacturer.



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  1. I switched all my lamps to energy efficient lightbulbs, and also have cut down on paper towel use/switched to only washing with cold water.

  2. I am trying to be greener at home by recycling as much as possible. Plastics, paper and tin all now go to the recycling plant and waste food is composted.

  3. we use reusable shopping bags to cut back on the plastic bags collection in our house. we also unplug all appliances that are not in use

  4. We are recycling, even though we don’t have curbside recycling and have to truck all the cardboard, aluminum, plastic and other items to a facility. We have cut our trash in half!

  5. We are greener by using the reusable bags at the grocery store. I love being able to take in my own bags. They are much sturdier and hold a lot more in each bag.

  6. We are trying to be greener at home by recycling all we can…paper, plastic, glass and batteries. I also started washing laundry in cold water and only do laundry when I have full loads. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  7. We have started to recycle our newpapers, plastics and anything recyclable that our city will take.
    We also use “green” cleaning products and are switching to “green” laundry detergents.


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