Family Friday


I want the family friday post to be about something about my family a funny or even sad story! Something neat we did or so place really interesting we went. I also want you guys to send me your family stories so I can share them as well!

I know so of what I am going to write today is already about in my About Me section. but here goes……..

My husband and I have been together for 15 years!! Which might be all that great be next May we will have been together half my life. We started dating when I was just 16 he was 21. It was a whirl wind romance (Ha Ha Ha) and in November if 1996 I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl, Taylor (13). We married in March of 1997 and in January of 1998, I had a handsome little fellow, Hunter (12). And then last but not least in 2001 we had our little chunky monkey(we called him that because he only weighed 4.15 lb when we brought him home) Colby (9). There have been some really tough times here just like in every other marriage and every other family, every day an effort that we have to put forth. Taylor is so smart and talented. She is in all advanced classes and she plays in the band. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Hunter is special as well, he was diagnosed as autistic when he was 5, he suffers from mild mental retardation and depression. Hunter is a sweet soul who loves everyone and doesn’t understand why everyone doesn’t love him. If everyone could have that same kind of unconditional love for people then wouldn’t the world be a better place! Colby~um words can’t describe him~he was so sick when he was born, he was born by emergency c-section 8 weeks early. I was devastated. But he has not let it keep him down, he is always wide open this one is 100% boy. I joke and tell people that if he had  been born first he would have been an only child. 🙂 He has an imagination that doesn’t stop from the A-Team to Zeke & Luther, he does and pretends to be it all.

My husband is my best friend!! We tell each other everything. I always try to make his day a little brighter, He always calls me at just the right just to say hey or tell me I look very pretty. He is not the same selfish man I married he has changed into this wonderful happy family man!! We have a wild crazy household but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Now on to why I coupon…….like everyone else it is to save money but we are saving for a trip to Disney World in November (8 days, 8 nights @ Disney’s Port Orleans Hotel~7 day park tickets with dining included) I am so excited about it and so are the kids. We are doing ALL IN ONE BIRTHDAYS for our celebrations!! Isn’t that great I even have something super wonderful and top-secret planned for the night we eat at ‘Ohana’s can’t tell you what it is~my daughter reads my blog~I just know they are going to LOVE IT!!

So that is my family in a nutshell……what is your family like????


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