Win a Harry Potter Wand celebrating the Grand Opening in Universal Studios!!


I know normally I am all about the mouse 😉 but I though it would be neat to win this!! I love Universal Studios almost as much as Disney World and the new Harry Potter ride opens soon and I would love to have something to wish me there. Oh well back to business for an opportunity to enter to win this great giveaway go to Destinations in Florida’s blog once there you can enter to win the above pictured wand in the box!! You can tweet about it, sign up for the newsletter, write a blog post (like I did here) and comment on the page its self. Good Luck!!

  • This is a very limited edition wand that you cannot buy at Ollivander’s Wand Shop in the new park or on the WBStore (the official store for Harry Potter merchandise)….at least, not as of right now.  It was part of a special package sent to a very limited number of people and we were one of the lucky few!  This will be a truly unique collector’s item

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