Fraudulent Free Doritos Coupons


I received an email today with a sheet of 6 free Doritios Coupons…..and like my Grandmother always said if it is too good to be true it probably is. So I Swagbucked it and sure enough they are fakes!! Do not attempt to use these. As a big time couponer this makes me sad, because when coupons like this come out retailers can get to the point where they don’t want to accept internet printed coupons. A lot of my coupons come from great websites like,, and many others. So please do not use the coupon and if you receive it in an email please let everyone know it is a fake.

Here is the latest list just for MAY (there are so many more here) of fraudulent coupons, with a REWARD for info leading to the prosecution of the people who created the coupon.  This is serious!

(Thank you The Frugal Find)

Here is a statement directly from the Frito-Lay Web-site about this coupon:

The $5 Doritos coupon that is being spread throughout the internet is counterfeit. It was not created, authorized or distributed by Frito-Lay. We are taking steps to notify our retail customers about the fraudulent coupon and to identify its source. You should not knowingly use a counterfeit coupon. We sincerely apologize for the disappointment and confusion this has caused. Please watch for valid coupons and sales in stores, magazines, Sunday newspaper ads, and on our official websites. Below is a copy of the fraudulent coupon.


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